May 15, 2013

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IT’S A RECORD!! (probably)

IT’S A RECORD!! (probably)

As you may have read yesterday, the team is currently winching back six fuel scoots which had become stranded beyond the reach of the Cats because of severe crevassing blocking their path. Yesterday, they pulled back two scoots, today they did the next two, and if all goes well, all six of the scoots will be alongside the Cats and cabooses by this time tomorrow, ready to head out of this…

An explanation… by Brian Newham

An explanation... by Brian Newham

Believe it or not I am in ‘the tent’ trying to use the GPR. With me inside the tent is an insulated plastic box which we modified to house the GPR and several hot water bottles to try and keep the unit warm. The tent is trying to shelter me from a 30 knot wind and keep the drifting snow off the GPR unit. It worked to a limited extent but it was pretty uncomfortable and very hard to use the GPR…

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