The Drivers: Answers

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The Drivers: Answers

The Drivers: Answers

(photo: Rob Lambert watches on as Richmond and Spencer prepare their answers in the Living Caboose) On Saturday, we asked you to come up with some questions for the two drivers, Spencer Smirl and Richmond Dykes. The most popular three were put to the guys and here is what they said: Question One: If one or both of the Cats break down or are damaged beyond repair, what then? If only one of t…

We’re On Our Way – At Last!

We're On Our Way - At Last!

Spencer Smirl’s latest blog. The first successful day of travel finally happened. Well, not completely successful, but just about. Yesterday was Thursday the 7th of February. It was our 18th day on the Antarctic continent. Long days spent unloading and assembling our massive amount of kit. The sun never stopped shining and the temperature didn’t spend much time below zero. The struggles of coping…

Spencer Smirl’s Reflects on Life Since South Africa

It has been 15 days since we all left Cape Town, getting out to sea to begin the adventure of a lifetime. We arrived at Crown Bay in Antarctica on Sunday, 20th January. The ice was far too congested in the bay; it would have put the ship at huge risk of being pinned down if we entered and the ice flow shifted unfavourably. It was late afternoon on Sunday anyways, so we decided to wait till t…

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