Can You Feel a Draft?

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Can You Feel a Draft?

Hi All, Thought you might be interested in this video by Ian Prickett. It was filmed soon after the Ice Train left on its fuel drop, and is a good example of the continuing need for improvisation which the team will face throughout the expedition. Operations HQ,…

“Moving South” – by Brian Newham

The Ice Train is on the move for the very first time. This morning we made final preparations and stowed the last of our equipment before setting out on our journey to lay a fuel depot further south. The strategy behind the fuel depot is twofold. Firstly, we need to reduce the weights that we are towing so we need to position fuel between our starting point at the coast and the Pole – we w…

“Ice Train” – by Richmond Dykes

I have put it to the group as what to call the configuration of all the pieces of equipment once hooked together ready to pull out on our fuel laying journey. Their answer: Ice Train. This actually takes its name from the Land Trains that roll across the Australian Outback; we are not much different from them other than them having blue skies, red dirt, plenty of heat and kangaroos where we w…

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