“One journey ends and another starts”

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“One journey ends and another starts”

By Geoff Long, on board SA Agulhas. We’ve been steaming steadily north at 11 knots for over a day now, the pack was kind to us and we’ve left behind the gentle rolling carpet of sea ice, escaping its grasp easily, reaching open water after only 30 miles. Now sailing through calm grey seas, the magical world of colourful ice, crevasses and penguins whilst still relatively near, seems so far away.

Filling the Flubbers

The latest stop frame video from the ice, courtesy of the irrespressible Geoff Long. In it we see the “flubbers” being filled with fuel from the drums, which are being continuously craned onto the ice from the ship’s hold, and then being towed off to the base. Note how a line of shadow drifts slowly across the snow at the bottom of the screen. Not sure what it is, but it shows off the tim…

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