Two days of good progress have put the Ice Team in a strong position to finally break out of the blue ice field once and onto the next stage of the journey.

Yesterday, six fuel scoots were moved approx 2.2km west along the marked route, with the first 1.3km done by winching.

Today, the team moved the cabooses and two of the remaining eight scoots 3km and they are now beyond the nasty area. So they now have just six scoots left to bring through, but the guys are sticking to their game plan and will wait for tomorrow’s brief daylight hours to go back and collect them. Winching is a very slow process over this kind of distance but it is by far the safest option.

(picture is by Brian Newham and shows one of the Cats winching the science caboose and storage container along the blue ice)

Making Progress #1 - by Brian Newham