September 22, 2013

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Status Update: Progress!

Status Update: Progress!

Six fuel scoots were moved 5.4km yesterday, and a further six were moved to the same location today.  Deteriorating conditions made it prudent to then call a halt and the cabooses were not moved. We now have just two loads left to move. We also carried out our weather observations for the Met Office as normal, as well as snow sampling, minor Cat maintenance and day one of a five day White Mars…

The Equinox – by Brian Newham

The Equinox - by Brian Newham

It’s hard to believe that it’s six months since winter began and we left the coast at Crown Bay, but the arrival of the equinox today, 22nd September, leaves us with no doubt. The event actually occurs at 20.44 GMT and at that moment, as the earth moves in its orbit around the sun, it reaches the point at which, due to the tilted axis of the earth, the sun crosses the equator. It marks t…

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