Iridium Modem and Satellite Phones

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extremeThe Iridium modem provides the team’s link to the outside world, delivering internet connectivity and worldwide voice communications through the constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites. Iridium delivers essential

communications services to and from areas where terrestrial communications aren’t available, making it the perfect companion in Antarctica.

An antenna (pictured) will be mounted on the living caboose, providing three independent voice lines and low speed internet traffic (up to 134kbps data via Iridium Open port Broadband Service). The team will be able to use the system to download communications from around the world and upload messages, photographs and videos made during the day.

The Ice Team will be able to make long-distance voice calls to Operations HQ in London, personal calls and other necessary voice communications with the outside world using Iridium satellite phones.


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