ACR Emergency Beacon

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acr_emergency_beacon_201x426In the case of an emergency situation, the ACR Emergency Beacon’s SARLinkā„¢ relays a unique distress call to orbiting SAR satellites alerting rescuers to who is in difficulty and their location to within 100 meters. As local search and rescue is deployed, a separate homing signal and integrated LED strobe light guides rescuers to the team member’s location.

  • When activated, the beacon sends a position location to a UK-based monitoring post. The beacon alert would also very likely be transmitted to at least one or two of the Rescue Coordination Centres (RCCs) with Antarctic responsibility (New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Australia), which would result in these centres commencing investigations into the source of the beacon alert.
  • The monitoring post can communicate the position back to the MVL via Iridium
  • The team can use the position to locate the beacon
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