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As with any expedition, and particularly one of such magnitude and daring as The Coldest Journey, excellent communication is critical to the success of the venture.

During the expedition, the ski team will be in constant contact with the Mobile Vehicle Landtrain (MVL), who in turn will be communicating regularly with the crew of the SA Agulhas and Operations HQ in London; further links will be made to the media, the expedition’s education programme and the world at large. Combined, these multiple communication needs require a robust set-up capable of operating in the most hostile and isolated environments on earth.

Follow the links from this page to see all of the many types of cutting-edge communication technologies which will be employed during the expedition.

A full communication schedule between the expedition and the Operations HQ will be established prior to embarkation, along with contingency plans in the event of a major incident. All of the Ice Team and relevant office members will be trained in the use of equipment and made familiar with the communication schedules.



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