For FB postA lot of people have given up their time, energy and in some cases money to help bring this expedition to life – and not just the people on the website’s biography pages. While the level of input varies enormously, even a modest assistance can have a very meaningful effect on the expedition as a whole.

Ash and Dia Morton (pictured) bought the fabric for and made the depot flags which have been used extensively on the traverse. These are 60 flags made out of a bright orange fabric that stand up to the strong winds and extreme temps, and they each have a reflective strip down them that show up in the vehicle headlights. They are put on the end of a bamboo pole and used to mark the fuel depot that the team put in place in place before winter started, and also as route markers and to mark anything that is left outside at the end of each day that is at risk of being buried. The depot is about 300miles inland and needs to be well marked so that when the team set out and it is 24hr darkness they can locate the fuel depot in any weathers.

Thank you Ash and Dia!