We are pleased to announce that The Coldest Journey shop is now open. From baseball hats and USB sticks to ice scrapers and T-shirts, there is plenty of reasonably priced expedition-branded merchandise on offer for our fans to take a keepsake of their own.

Click here to visit the shop

The Coldest Journey will stand in the record books as Man’s first ever attempt to cross the Antarctic during the polar winter.  As Robert Falcon Scott set a new benchmark for polar exploration during his failed 1901-1904 bid to reach the South Pole, The Coldest Journey has set a new standard for future expeditions to the most hostile place on Earth – and it may be many years yet before any other team is able to make an attempt to complete this last great polar challenge.

Our shop gives our fans the chance to claim a piece of polar history by purchasing an authentic piece of Coldest Journey merchandise.  All funds raised through the shop will be used to pay directly towards expedition costs which means you will in the process be directly contributing to the running costs of The Coldest Journey. And since the expedition is an entirely not-for-profit expedition, any surplus monies will be given to our charity, Seeing is Believing.

Thank you to Doug Quelch at Amber Promotions and his team for helping us make this possible.

Best wishes,

Sir Ranulph and The Coldest Journey Team