July 29, 2013

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Coldest Journey Merchandise Now Available

Coldest Journey Merchandise Now Available

We are pleased to announce that The Coldest Journey shop is now open. From baseball hats and USB sticks to ice scrapers and T-shirts, there is plenty of reasonably priced expedition-branded merchandise on offer for our fans to take a keepsake of their own.Click here to visit the shopThe Coldest Journey will stand in the record books as Man’s first ever attempt to cross the Antarctic during t…

Twilight – by Brian Newham

Twilight - by Brian Newham

For once we have light winds and the twilight this morning is quite spectacular.Having not seen the sun since the 9th May it is now getting tantalisingly close to the horizon. On the 3rd August  (or even sooner, these things are difficult to predict), we should get our first glimpse, weather permitting, of the sun as it nudges briefly above the horizon and thereafter our days will gradually…

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