February 6, 2013

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Mountains Of The Mind

Mountains Of The Mind

When in surroundings such as many of us involved with this expedition have experienced over the last few weeks, it’s easy to let one’s mind wander with abstract thoughts, promoted by the immensity of this landscape. Here’s some thoughts and visions that prompted me to producing a piece writing. Hopefully penned in the same vein as one of my favourite books about the North – Arctic Dreams by Barry…

“One journey ends and another starts”

By Geoff Long, on board SA Agulhas. We’ve been steaming steadily north at 11 knots for over a day now, the pack was kind to us and we’ve left behind the gentle rolling carpet of sea ice, escaping its grasp easily, reaching open water after only 30 miles. Now sailing through calm grey seas, the magical world of colourful ice, crevasses and penguins whilst still relatively near, seems so far away.

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