by Hugh Bowring.

We did it! At 17:38 on Tuesday afternoon expedition HQ’s Tris Kaye set foot on French sand to complete the Channel Arm Bandits’ relay swim in 15hrs and 28mins.

Faceook pic

From my own perspective it was unquestionably the most physically demanding thing I have ever done. I hated most of it, but loved the rest, averaging out as pretty awesome. 40-hour stretch with no sleeping and starting my own first swim in the dark at 4.10am yesterday lent itself to being a fairly exhausting experience. But am I glad I did it? Definitely. Would I do it again? Not for love nor money.

Thanks to everyone who supported us. It really made the worst of times bearable.

We are now getting agonisingly close to our £10K target for Seeing is Believing having just got passed £8K this evening. Please help us get over the finish line by sponsoring us at No amount is too small, and remember, every penny gets match-funded by Standard Chartered.

Thank you!

Tris and Hugh