Having consolidated a position on safe ground away from the crevasses, the Ice Team are taking stock of their situation. It is clear from their recent reconnaissance work that the terrain to the south is a complex and uncharted mass of crevasses which are hard to detect in the darkness, covered, as they are, by snow bridges.  Painstaking efforts have been made with the ground penetrating radar (GPR) to plot a safe route through the crevasse field which it is believed may extend for up to 100kms to the south of the present position. The situation is made all the more concerning because the efforts required to navigate and haul their many tons of essential equipment and supplies through such treacherous terrain means that they risk forfeiting much of the unique scientific work which they have been commissioned to undertake throughout the winter months. In view of this dilemma, further careful assessment is being made to decide on a workable strategy. A decision needs to be reached having researched all the relevant factors which include the safety aspects as well as the feasibility of achieving and/or prioritising all of the expedition’s aims. Such a decision needs time. For now, the team will remain where they are and continue to undertake their science and medical work while developing a plan for the months ahead. All of us at HQ wish the team well at this frustrating time. We shall keep you posted with developments as they occur.

Best wishes,

The Coldest Journey Team