In improving conditions the cabooses and remaining scoots were moved 1.2km forwards to join the scoots that we ferried ahead yesterday evening. This put everything on the northern edge of another area of disturbance. With someone leading on foot we then moved six scoots a further 5km through this area. The final 1km was the more difficult with sizeable crevassing. It is thought that our furthest point reached today is close to the southern edge of this area of disturbance but it will need further reconnaissance before we can be certain. Maintenance works on the caboose and also one of the generators has been ongoing. Final day of a five-day intensive medical research regime which has involved two people each day for approx four hours.

Tomorrow we will move the cabooses plus two fuel scoots along the route we recce’d today. It is likely we will need to do some route preparation work as we move forwards and some sections will be on the winch cable. Time permitting we will bring the remaining six scoots along the route and also recce further ahead.