May 8, 2013

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Status Update by Brian Newham

Status Update by Brian Newham

In improving conditions the cabooses and remaining scoots were moved 1.2km forwards to join the scoots that we ferried ahead yesterday evening. This put everything on the northern edge of another area of disturbance. With someone leading on foot we then moved six scoots a further 5km through this area. The final 1km was the more difficult with sizeable crevassing. It is thought that our furthest…

We Need Your Help – Again!

We Need Your Help - Again!

Please watch this video – – and then share it with everyone you know. The BBC have picked up on the fact that the team is having a hard time in Antarctica right now and asked us if we could make a short “show and tell” for their online news page.  We did and this morning it is on the front page. By watching and sharing the video (and it’s a great one, too!),…

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