Written at 1900 BST yesterday:

The area that we are in is a disturbed blue ice feature with extensive ice upheaval. This creates unpredictable crevassing in terms of location and orientation. GPR is producing a confused set of data due to the multitude of fractures lines within the ice. Reconnaissance on foot has taken us 1.8km south and this also has not identified a viable safe route. We have therefore been unable to move any of the units today and we do not have a way forward at the moment. Whilst this route finding has been going on there have been minor Cat repairs.

Tomorrow we will extend our reconnaissance to the west. If that does not reveal any potential it is likely that we will have to back-track north.

Weather obs at 0600 GMT: -31C with wind speed at 24 knots; visibility is 500m and surface contrast is moderate with moderate drifting snow. Not ideal, but could be a lot worse. (Hugh Bowring)