Caboose - by Brian NewhamCurrent position: S72 51′ 13.5″     E023 33′ 50.2″

Altitude: 2752m

Temperature: -43C

Wind speed: 26 knots
Today’s actions:  Second Cat dug out, again, and engine compartments cleared, pre-heated and started. Currently warming and will be moved tonight. Both Cats will be left running round the clock with two-hourly checks throughout night. Manual snow clearance under Science Caboose, plus normal met obs and GPS trial continues, and cold water finger testing as part of the White Mars project.

Intentions for tomorrow: Cats will be used for further dozing around site in preparation for extracting cabooses from winter drifts. Scientific tests continuing.

Long term intentions:  Movement north will depend on conditions but is imminent. Fuel scoots will be moved first approx 5km north to be followed by cabooses.