A week or so ago we asked you all to offer up your best captions for this picture – and were absolutely inundated with responses both here and on Facebook.

Poor old Brian was given the task of creating a shortlist and, after not an inconsiderable amount of time one night, he whittled more than 150 suggestions down to just seven to put before the rest of the team to vote on independently.

After more deliberation the Ice Team finally agreed that Roy James should be the winner with:

“To ease the migraine apply an ice pack to the painful area”

Vying for first place, but ultimately falling into the final crevasse, were:

Ken Reid: “You can take the man out of the northern hemisphere…. (but you can’t take the northern hemisphere out of the man)”

Chris Ridgers: “In tough situations, it pays to keep a cool head”

Dianne: “You are right Brian, the crevasses definitely look less threatening from this angle”

Thank you to our winner and to everyone who took part. A prize will be on its way to you Roy once we’ve worked out what it is!

Best wishes

Operations HQ, London

Handstand for pic comp