October 16, 2013

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Super Mega Pancakes – by Richmond Dykes

Super Mega Pancakes - by Richmond Dykes

Well, what can I say, we’ve had a rare day off after a busy time winching our way across the numerous crevasses.  So, you might ask what do you do in your time off in Antarctica? Well, Mary and I have fallen off the pancake wagon in a big way, so we mixed up a mega batch of pancakes for dinner tonight . I have raided the food boxes for copious packets of pancake mix and hoofed them into two…

Joanna Lumley Interviews…Reminder

Joanna Lumley Interviews...Reminder

Don’t miss the final instalment of the Joanna Lumley Interviews, right here on Facebook tomorrow night at 7pm… Next up in the chair is Ice Team Leader, Brian Newham. I have read his answers. It’s going to be a good…

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