April 3, 2013

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Status Update

Status Update

Another day of  decent progress today, covering 18km across partly crevassed areas without any problems. We are now camped at the bottom of the next technical section (see pic) which will require us to ferry loads for 7km. It will probably take five loads with both Cats taking each load. Round trip will be about 3hrs, so it won’t be a fast process. Tomorrow we have another day’s work on one of…

In the Name of Science – by Rob Lambert

In the Name of Science - by Rob Lambert

Richmond and Spencer go head to head during a science test – by Rob Lambert There are many things I love about being a doctor: there’s the simple, utter joy of working for the NHS; there’s the stratospherically high salary, share options, & company car; and of course there’s… that misty-eyed look of awe / admiration / lust that invariably appears on the face of pretty girls you meet at…

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