February 11, 2013

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Update from the Ice Train

Just to let you know that the Ice Train was unable to proceed today. The wind rose again during the night and this morning was 40+ kts with zero visibility. However, things have calmed down and tomorrow is looking more hopeful. On a separate note, the SA Agulhas is due to arrive back in Cape Town tomorrow night, or early Wednesday evening. We’ll keep you…

Live Map

Live Map

It is a mix of pleasure and frustration that we welcome you to the Live Map service on The Coldest Journey website, courtesy of Yellow Brick Tracking. A pleasure because it is a really cool addition to the site through which you will be able to chart the Ice Team’s progress in Antarctica; a frustration because it is not currently working on our site and you have to be redirected to another sit…

Stuck in the Snow

Stuck in the Snow

Another short video from Ian Prickett. This time he gives us an update on what has been happening today. As you will see, not much! Still, it’s a good insight into conditions down there right…

Short Video by Ian Prickett

Check out this BRILLIANT short film compiled by none other than Ice Team handyman Ian Prickett. Are there no ends to this young man’s talents. This is the best thing I have seen come out of the Antarctic yet. Well, on this expedition anyway. Enjoy! Hugh Bowring, Operations…

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