January 29, 2013

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Off Ice – by Anton Bowring

Off Ice - by Anton Bowring

It has been a frustrating day. In my report yesterday I made a foolish comment about being irritatingly smug on account of the fine weather. Well, today, all that changed. The wind swung round to the north east overnight and pressed all the sea ice into the bay. This meant that, on the ship, we could only look at the tiny black dots, our Ice Group, on the distant shore and wonder how they wer…

“First Night Ashore” – by Brian Newham

As followers will know, the Ice Team spent their first night ashore in their new home last night. To be honest, the caboose assembly wasn’t quite ready for this move but it did give us the opportunity to keep pushing the work forward without worrying about retreating to the ship every night or worrying about the ice which has invaded the bay sporadically over the last few days and caused the s…

Time Lapse Video Showing Cadets Ashore and Vast Ice Sheet

Click the link to see the latest time lapse from Antarctica, showing the SA Agulhas in Crown Bay whilst a large chunk of shelf ice crosses from right to left in the background. It’s difficult to appreciate the scale of it from the GoPro footage, but we estimate it was in the region of 500m long and travelled 1.5km during the 1.5hours of the time lapse footage. So a very large lump of ic…

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