Every morning and every evening Brian our Ice Team leader braves the cold and windy conditions to take meteorological observations as part of our very many scientific projects during the expedition. These then get sent back to the Met Office in the UK for analysis and archiving.

Below you will find the bulk of Brian’s findings in the form of  four interesting graphs charting the temperature, wind speed, atmospheric pressure and altitude during the six-month Antarctic polar winter that has ended.Here are

Met stats for the period 20 March to 22 Sept ;

183 day period

Average temperature: 

minus 38℃ (-36℉)

Minimum temperature :

minus 55℃ (-67℉)  occurred 15/07/2013

Maximum temperature:            

minus 4℃ (25 ℉)

occurred 22/03/2013

Average wind speed:

27 knots  (31 mph)
Minimum wind speed:

2 knots (2 mph)

occurred 04/04/2013
Maximum gust:    

63 knots (72 mph)

occurred 04/09/2013


Met obs copy