Visibility was good enough today to allow the Ice Team to start moving ahead with the Cats through an area of notable upheaval, stretching approx. 1300m west, which lies between their overnight base and, we hope, more favourable terrain. They have now marked and travelled along a twisting route for approx. 800 metres west from camp.

This is excellent progress considering the terrain and proximity of bridged crevassing up to 4m wide. No loads have yet been moved along the route. Conditions permitting the team will try to extend their route to the west for approx. 500 metres at which point the visible signs of upheaval end. Once that route is established the team will consider moving fuel scoots through this section on the winch cable.


Today in Numbers:

Distance travelled: zero
Current position: S72 45′ 40.2″, E023 35′ 29.8″
Altitude: 2696m
Temperature: -39C
Wind speed: 28 knots