Richmond covered in ice #2 copyIt’s been a day full of frustrations.

Overnight the wind eased from a roaring 50+ knots to a more sensible and manageable 35kts and although it was far from pleasant, we were able to recover somewhat from the battering we have taken over the last few days. Things were brought back to order, doorways cleared and life brought back to a more comfortable level. By mid morning the wind had dropped further and despite quite a lot of drifting snow in the air, we took a bit of a gamble and started to preheat the vehicles and prepare for a move – we need to take every opportunity we get right now and it was definitely an improving situation.

It was a slow job and mid afternoon before the tracks started to turn and the Science Caboose had been dug out. Unfortunately at about the same time – and after six hours’ of our effort – the wind had begun to rise again and with it a maelstrom of drifting snow. We all came to the same conclusion at about the same time: the move just wasn’t going to happen. To travel through this short but difficult passage in these conditions was just not a sensible thing to do. So, we tried to take advantage of the brief opportunity but it was not to be and now we must wait again. Frustrating after all the effort but we are not disheartened.

The picture shows Richmond inside the Living Caboose after he popped back inside for a brief rewarm.

By Brian Newham, Ice Team Leader