Current position: S72 45′ 37.1″     E023 35′ 54.6″

Altitude: 2704m

Distance travelled today: 2.0 km
We had good conditions today and we were able to GPR the route for 2km through an area of obvious upheaval, with minor route preparation work along the way. We then moved all six loads through to a relatively safe area. Much of the movement was done with loads on the winch cable to reduce loading on bridges.

Intentions tomorrow: Conditions permitting we will GPR the route ahead through the next known crevassed area. We expect the terrain to ease after about 500m but will continue to GPR to the next camp which we hope to be in 2.6 km.

Our next camp will put us below a low hill over which we are forced to travel. This is undoubtedly the most challenging section of our route north.

By Brian Newham