It’s minus 43C with 28 knot winds this morning, so things are certainly starting to get a little chilly with the Ice Team right now.

Progress has been hampered by mechanical issues with the GPR which is still not fixed. The team have been working closely with Allied Associates over email and are hoping that they are now very close to resolving the problem. Combined with the slow progress of the crevasse fields, the team is now even further behind schedule. Nevertheless, a few weeks of driving around the clock on safer terrain and flatter ascents might well be enough to get the team back on track. Of course, it is not quite as simple as this and the struggle to complete the challenge grows with every hold up. Morale remains okay, but the relentless frustrations they are having to live through each day is a continual strain.

We will know more about the GPR situation this evening, so will post more then. I am sorry we can’t give more encouraging news than this, but at least the team are all safe. Oh, and their polar clothing is working a treat!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Hugh, Operations HQ