With the sun having now set on them for the next three months or more, the Ice Team find themselves in an especially inhospitable area of terrain with severe crevassing being exposed in all directions.

The team are making extensive use of the ground penetrating radar to help them find these holes and identify the safest route south; however, this is taking a lot of time and they are yet to find a preferred route through.

Currently, the cabooses, storage ISO and two fuel scoots are positioned on a safe patch of terrain, having been shifted 150m yesterday away from a spot pitted with crevasses. Six fuel scoots lie 500m south from where the team is now, and the rest of the scoots are 5km behind (i.e. north) the team.

The team are right now surveying a new route from camp to the six fuel scoots south of them, the last one having been made impassable due to recently exposed crevasses.

Although this is an extremely stressful period for the team, I am pleased to report that all five members are all well and are in reasonable spirits given the situation.

We will provide further updates when we receive them.

Hugh, Operations HQ