With the Ice Team getting on with their task at hand on the ice, Ran was today getting on with his task at hand – namely, his hand. After arriving safely in Cape Town this morning he was whisked away to an undisclosed medical facility for assessment and treatment. He is now recuperating in private until his return to the UK.

Earlier today he released the following statement:”I have undergone a number of tests on my frostbitten hand both in Antarctica and since arriving here in Cape Town, and I am due to have additional tests here before leaving for the UK. I feel very lucky to have been treated with the upmost care by extremely well trained professionals and have felt in safe hands throughout.

“The warmth of Cape Town seems a million miles from the conditions my expedition partners are experiencing right now on the ice. Those five men are forever in my thoughts and I wish them all the luck in the world for the expedition ahead. Under the expert leadership of Brian Newham, I know that they have every chance of pulling off this extraordinary feat and making me and people across the Commonwealth extremely proud. It is a very difficult and dangerous undertaking, but if there is any one group of people who can do it, it is them.

“I am naturally extremely disappointed not to be able to continue with them and be a part of the expedition on the ice, having been planning it with Anton Bowring and others for so many years. But now my focus is on returning to the UK, getting well and throwing all of my energy into helping the team there promote our aims, and making sure we raise $10 million for Seeing is Believing as we have set out to do.”

He also thanked the Belgian Polar Foundation for their assistance in transporting him to Cape Town all the way from the Ice Train, and International SOS for their role in getting him seen to medically as soon as he landed in Cape Town this morning.

To find out more about the expedition charity, Seeing is Believing, please check out their website at: http://seeingisbelieving.org.uk