Well, we’ve made it. After a hideously early start, Tris and I hurtled down the M1 to arrive at the testing site for 7.45am, where we met the rest of the team and the guys from Millbrook. Ran turned up five minutes later having driven down from Gleneagles, setting off at 1am.

After a quick breakfast in the warm canteen we’ve shifted down to the preparation room outside the cold chamber. This place is amazing! They’ve got a two-mile circular track for speed testing, as well as the mile straight often used by Top Gear for testing cars for the TV show. It’s all pretty secretive, and we’re not allowed to say much more than that, or take any pictures outside of this building. But all the cool stuff is going to be going on in the cold chamber about ten feet from where I am sitting.

I’ve sneaked away to write this whilst everyone else moves all the equipment to be tested in from the cars. Smart move.

I think we’ll be getting in there soon. Steve Holland, the equipment specialist, has already said that it is compulsory for everyone to have a go in the chamber. Music to my ears. Can’t say the same for Tris who was complaining about the cold in the car on the way down here!