Following the final phase of the cold chamber tests carried out in September at Millbrook Proving Grounds, we have finally been able to put together the best combinations of clothing that are likely to be used on the ice during the traverse.

With the expedition taking place in one of the harshest environments in the world and at harshest time of the year, getting the clothing right has been of extremely high importance. A huge amount of time and dedication has gone into getting this aspect of the expedition as close to perfect as we have been able and we are proud to show you the results.

Please click here to see images and descriptions of the clothing layer by layer.

The products featured on the site are not a definitive list, but provide the baseline set of equipment. Each set will be adjusted according to the individual Ice Team member’s personal preferences and circumstances and other manufacturers’ clothing are likely to be used. All of the different types of clothing manufacturers used on the expedition are list on the site’s Partners and Sponsors pages.