Current position: S72 51′ 13.5″     E023 33′ 50.2″

Altitude: 2,752m

Distance travelled today: zero

Temperature: -44C

Wind: 34 knots
Today’s action:

First Cat started after further snow clearance and 5hr preheat. Hoping to move this Cat tonight and it will be left running overnight. Second Cat snow clearance started.   Met observations + GPS trial continues. Final day of four-day food intake and caffeine study. Blood and urine samples. All OK.


Intentions tomorrow:

Normal obs. Snow sampling. Cat which is running will be used to clear snow from around second Cat which will then allow us to dig underneath the Cat to gain access to engine bay. A further day of snow clearance will be required on this Cat before, hopefully, preheating and starting on Thursday 12th.


Long term intentions:

Once both Cat’s are running we will extract fuel scoots and sledges from their winter drifts. Movement north will depend on conditions.