Photo by Brian Newham

Despite high winds this morning the visibility was sufficient to allow us to move south along our flagged route and then push onwards for a total of 2.2km. Poor traction on the ice required us to break down into eight loads however. All cabooses and fuel are now at this new position which is at the transitional section between blue ice and snow (ground conditions are currently a mixture of both). Unfortunately this coincides with us being on the edge of another crevassed area which will require further reconnaissance and inevitable route preparation with the Cats. It is not yet clear how far this obstacle extends.

Our intentions for tomorrow are to carry out route reconnaissance on foot and subsequent bulldozing to make a safe route for the Ice Train.

By Brian Newham

Today in Numbers:

Current position: S72 45′ 29.5″, E023 36′ 35.3″
Altitude: 2697m
Distance travelled today: 2.2km
Temperature: -33C
Wind speed: 26 knots