Overnight camp in the blue iceby Brian Newham

All eight remaining fuel scoots have been brought up to last night’s camp in pairs by double-head. We then started to move both cabooses further south but very quickly encountered difficult terrain with honeycombed ice. Progress has been very slow and with fading light we called an early stop for the day whilst we formed a strategy for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will recce the route ahead on foot and whilst that is being done we will use the Cats to level the route behind us back to the fuel scoots. The fuel scoots will then be brought forwards to join the cabooses. The route ahead will then be similarly prepared by the Cats before starting to move everything further south. Progress is likely to be slow.

We have approx. three kilometres of blue ice ahead of us but we are hoping that once we are off the current high ground that the terrain will ease.