Good conditions today and we winched the cabooses up and over the hill followed by the remaining fuel scoots. All somewhat relieved to be beyond this obstacle and to have done so without any serious drama.

We are now camped just to the north of the hill and are busy this evening reconfiguring the loads ready for the next section. Ahead of us lies a few kilometres of blue ice where traction could be a problem and it’s likely we will need to use both Cats to pull each load. Part way through this blue ice area we previously came across a band of rocky boulders which have been brought to the surface by the glacial action. Although brief it will be nice to see some rocks after months of solely snow.

Beyond the blue ice we will be travelling across a gently descending snow plateau which leads after about 25km to another blue ice area and a tricky, crevassed descent. By then the mountains will be looming much larger and its bound to quicken the pulse of the mountaineers amongst us.