Newver mind the wind #1 - by Brian Newham

by Brian Newham

A bright and sunny day but a wind gusting well over 60 knots (70 mph) added a bit more of a challenge. Surprisingly, despite the high wind there was very little drifting snow in the air and visibility was quite good, so we made a move. The two loads of fuel scoots went first and were dropped at 5km. Cabooses next and they then leap-frogged the scoots to a point just under 10km. Late in the day the scoots then joined us at our new camp. This camp is at a navigational turning point as we skirt around a crevassed area just to the west of us.

The next stage is a 5km straight run that puts us just south of a blue ice area which is like an escarpment with a steep crevassed descent onto a lower plateau. We will need to take our time here and the loads will need to be broken down into smaller units. That’s for another day and right now it’s time to muster a corned beef hash.