When the Ice Team gets to Antarctica in just a few days’ time, they will spend about a week offloading the ship before the SA Agulhas and her crew wave goodbye to them for the best part of a year.

Once alone, the team will be doing preparatory walks to bring their fitness levels up, provide polar experience for Spencer Smirl and Richmond Dykes (who have not been to the Antarctic before) and carry out a fuel drop.

They will also be activating all three of their Yellow Brick tracking systems, which enables the team at Operations HQ and the wider public the chance to see their exact positions on a map, which is soon to be uploaded to the website. This live feature will be run on for the entirety of the traverse.

Last night, one of these GPS trackers was activated on board the SA Agulhas, and although you cannot see the map as yes you can get their latest position, direction and speed via this link: http://yb.tl/simple/thecoldestjourney

We will let you know as soon as the actual map goes live.