March 23, 2013

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By Spencer Smirl. For the first six months of my involvement with this expedition, I was terrified. This was to be the biggest commitment of my life and it would come with the greatest risk. I have done a lot of crazy things in my life but this one tops them all. I had to overcome those fears to allow myself to accept such an awesome opportunity and be part of something like this. Antarctica is…

A Couple of Pics from the Today

A couple of images from the ic…

Making Hay

Making good progress today. After covering 30kms yesterday we have already got 16km in the bag this morning. Currently maintaining about 4.2km/hr and should keep it at that until we start gaining a bit more height in a day or two’s time. Cloud has broken to give an essentially sunny day, but there is a brisk 25kts breeze which is rising slightly. The ground is alive with drifting snow.

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