March 19, 2013

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More Than Just a Crossing

In this video Rob Lambert offers us a very good insight into the conditions the Ice Team have been experiencing for the last few days.

Behind the Scenes

Check out this sped up video of The Coldest Journey’s Ice Team taking some publicity pics during a white out in Antarctica. It’s funny what a few months in the cold can do to…

The Ice Team

The Ice Team

Holed up in the caboose, from left to right are Spencer Smirl, Ian Prickett, Rob Lambert, Richmond Dykes and Brian Newham. Get to know these faces – they are about to make history!

The Eve of the Launch

The Eve of the Launch

Please click on the link to Brian Newham’s article which appeard on BBC Online today. In it, he describes for the first time the moment the team found out Sir Ranulph Fiennes was leaving, and talks candidly about the challenge ahead.

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