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Infotex is a web design and digital marketing company based in London and Suffolk. They deliver websites, marketing campaigns and ecommerce solutions to a vast array of clients from local businesses to multinational organisations. Having designed and built Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ previous expedition and personal websites the Infotex team were delighted to also sponsor The Coldest Journey.

With more than 20 experienced staff designing, building and delivering effective web solutions, Infotex were well-placed to provide strategic digital advice as well as practical assets such as this website. The site is an essential part of the marketing mix offering detailed information about the expedition and allowing the team to communicate with their supporters.

Infotex continues to work closely with Sir Ranulph and his team to bring The Coldest Journey to the world’s attention and generate sponsorship around the globe.

For more information about web design and digital marketing services please visit their website or give them a call on 01394 615615