Rosie Claxton

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rosie_claytonRosie worked as a nurse at Guy’s Hospital, and later the Radcliffe in Oxford, before returning to London. At the same time as working in the NHS, she worked professionally in an unpaid, as well as paid, capacity for several national charities. This work included helping homeless people, those with serious physical and mental illness and with head injuries. Whilst a volunteer with the Terrence Higgins Trust, she wrote a book about children and families with AIDS. More recently she has specialised in the field of mental health and related ethical matters. Rosie grew up in Liverpool, in awe of a courageous ancestor who, she imagines, might have tried to beat Samuel Cunard (1830s) to the founding of a Trans-Atlantic shipping line. She feels as if she was born with the sea in her blood! From an early age, family friends included some of the team who first conquered Everest. The impact of their stories sparked Rosie’s lifelong interest in exploration. She and her family have travelled extensively, including making a couple of journeys round the world and a year spent in New Zealand.

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