Martin Bell

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martin_bell_smallMartin Bell is Cumbrian, born and bred, and admits if he was never to leave the county again he would die a happy man. With that said, he has enjoyed 19 years working for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) both in Cambridge and in Antarctica and has clocked up over 10 years on the ice. A farmer’s son, Martin trained as an agricultural engineer in Cumbria, before finding his vocation working on the ice twenty years ago. During his interview, which happened to be by traverse manager Brian Newham, he said, “I want to work on vehicles in as hostile an environment possible” and the job was his! Martin’s role at BAS ranged considerably, from vehicle repairs to winter based commander at the Halley Research Station. Most recently he was deputy project manager on the Halley 6 rebuild project, looking after all things vehicle until April 2012. Since leaving BAS in April Martin has been running his own motorcycle shop and workshop, MHB Motorcycles, in Cumbria. His official role with The Coldest Journey is Chief Polar Planner, with responsibilities for logistics, specification, design and acting as general dogsbody. He prides himself on Ran’s claim that he is the only person to always answer his calls (whilst everyone else hides!).

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