Liz Pasteur

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wiz_smallLiz started her career working for the British Antarctic Survey as an ice core chemist. She conducted fieldwork on Alexander Island and Berkner Island in Antarctica writing up her research to gain a PhD. She later worked at Rothera Research Station doing waste management and lectured on cruise ships on the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and in the Australian and New Zealand sub-Antarctic islands. On starting a family with her fellow polar expert husband Simon Gill, Liz became a freelance environmental consultant. She has written or contributed to a wide range of environmental impact assessments and environmental management projects in diverse environments from Africa to Antarctica. She also works with the International Polar Foundation, a charity which communicates and educates on Polar Regions, science, the environment and climate change (The Coldest Journey expedition is planning to visit the IPF zero emission Princess Elisabeth Station in Antarctica). Her role with The Coldest Journey has been to assist with environmental aspects of expedition planning and to prepare the Environmental Impact Assessment. She compiled the application for the expedition permit which has been obtained from the Polar Regions Unit of the UK Foreign Office to meet Antarctic Treaty requirements.

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