Jill Bowring

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Education Liaison

Jill spent too much time at school playing cards to carry on with her idea to study physical geography at Montreal University, so she went travelling through Europe and ended up staying with some Greek Cypriot refugees in Athens for nearly a year. On her eventual return to UK she could not escape getting a proper job and settled into the civil service, first in Sussex, then in London at the copyright office. Her employers were gracious enough to grant her three years’ special unpaid leave when itchy feet became unbearable and she had managed to gain a place as cook on the Transglobe Expedition ship in1979. Two years into the voyage she married the Marine co-ordinate Anton Bowring, with who, she has gone on to have three gorgeous daughters. In the late1990s Jill gained a Bsc Hons in Biology and Environmental Science from UEA and for the next eight years managed a research laboratory investigating the possibilities of growing Boletus edulis (aka cep, porcini) in a privately-funded venture. When the idea of another trip to Antarctica became a possibility her bag was packed immediately. This time she will be filming on board for the education package, which is available to schools both in the UK and across the Commonwealth.

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