Eric Reynolds

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eric-reynoldsEric is the founding director of Urban Space Management, which has provided the containers that form the structure for the living and laboratory accommodation for The Coldest Journey, and is helping with the maritime phase on the Thames. Eric has been involved in numerous urban regeneration schemes since the early 1970s and in 1972 spearheaded the restoration of a derelict building in Clerkenwell as one of the first craft workshops in the country. In 1974, he and two business partners started the unenviable task of converting the then derelict Camden Lock, which is now one of the top tourist attractions in London. He set up schemes in the Leeds Canal Basin, undertook the development of Gabriel’s Wharf and managed the refurbishment of the Bishopsgate Goodsyard. He initiated the Greenwich Gateway visitor welcoming attraction and has repeated this success at many other locations around the country, including at Trinity Buoy Wharf, opposite the Millennium Dome, which is the site of London’s only lighthouse. Here he pioneered the hugely successful concept of converting shipping containers into housing, workspace, community buildings, children’s nurseries and much more. All these uses have been planned and/or implemented by Urban Space Management using the title “Container City”.

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