Ed Cooper

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Ed Cooper bio picEd took Economics and Politics at the University of Exeter before escaping to South Africa where he began a completely unrelated career in para-medicine which he studied in Cape Town. After coming to his senses and, more importantly, running out of funds, he retreated back to London and the more sensible activity of Financial Services Advisory with Ernst & Young. Ed has managed to mitigate this change in direction and is currently training to become a medic with the British Army Reserve based in the City.

Ed’s role on the Operations Team at TCJ has allowed him to get involved in one of his great life interests: expeditions. In his last expedition, he brought together the challenge of crossing the North Sea by kayak with the history of the Second World War heroes that led the way. He is keen to continue and grow his involvement in this field and he believes that being part of TCJ allows him to do so.

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