Dr Rob Lambert

Ice Team Doctor

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Rob is the expedition team doctor, and will also be responsible for gathering much of the human and physical sciences research data en route. Rob grew up (almost) in the UK’s sunny Lake District, and credits his family’s broad-mindedness with his love of climbing, the outdoors, and dubious career choices. After first training as a mechanical engineer he went on to work for The HALO Trust, a British charity specialising in the removal of landmines and other debris of war in far-flung places. Four years later he trained to become a doctor, subsequently working in some of the south-west’s most salubrious Emergency Departments, as well as stints in New Zealand and Australia. Most recently he spent a year as doctor at BAS’s Rothera Research Station in Antarctica. Elsewhere he has worked as a bartender, doorman, and management consultant, though not all at the same time.

Rob is a keen mountaineer and skier, and spends as much time as he can in the wild, chilly and beautiful parts of the world; sometimes this even includes his old stomping grounds in Cumbria. He also has a penchant for rugby, skydiving, and chess, and – among many essential skills for the expedition – he makes a mean cup of tea.

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