Lawrence Mgintey of ITN asks for clarification on who is in the Ice Team and which of those will actually be walking. Details on our website!

Brian Newham fields questions about how the team prepared to deal with crevasses and avalanches. If they get into crevasse terrain they will aim to find a different route. If the worst does happen, the expedition has the resources to deal with vehicle recovery.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes explains that the risk of death is statistically very low in answer to question about why he takes the risks. And why do you do it? “I need to make a living – this is what I do.”

Dr Mike Stroud “gobsmacked” by Sir Ran’s drive in getting this vast project off the ground.

Seventy tonnes of equipment and provisions being pulled behind each CAT D6N, which reduced as fuel burnt and food eaten. “We are taking absolutely every with us – completely self sufficient,” says traverse manager Brian Newham.

“Contingency planning is that we make it across with everything we set off with,” adds Tony Mednuik, expedition chairman.